Our Bourbon Red tom struts his stuff and poses for me!

Heritage Turkeys

While the variety and number of heritage turkeys varies, the fun and entertainment doesn't!  If you think chickens have some funny personalities get to know a turkey - they're so social and inquisitive!

They love to hang out with me in the garden, help Matt with woodworking in the shop, keep the sheep and the llamas entertained and PLAY with Gracie, our Great Dane/Mastiff.  And I do mean they actually play with each other!  Gracie will roll over and let them climb all over.  And I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it with my own eyes - they play ball.  As in chasing each other around with a ball (or other similar object) in their mouths/beaks, stealing it from the other and back again.  It's insane to watch!

This Bourbon Red tom is part of our breeding flock.