Ordering Turkey For The Table


Ordering Turkey For The Table


Ordering Heritage Turkey For The Table  


Why purchase Turkey for the table from us?

1.  When you buy a turkey from Big Ash Farm you know your meat was raised with love, care and concern from the moment it arrived on this earth (on our farm) to the moment it departs.  We feel strongly that it's our responsibility to give the animals we consume nothing but the best. This means individual attention every day (yes - the turkeys get it too!), healthy food to eat, cool clear water to drink, safety from predators, comfortable shelter from the elements and room to roam/play all day, every day!  

2.  Our turkeys are truly free range - they roam the entire farm, coming in only at night to stay safe while they get their beauty rest. This means the house yard, the pasture, all of the outbuildings and the garden!

3.  There is little to no waste - nearly everything is put to good use! If you do not wish to keep the not so common bits such as the feet or the feathers, we will gladly put them to good use! Turkey feet make EXCELLENT stock and dog treats and the feathers cab be used by crafters in a variety of applications!

4. You're buying local and from a small farm.  And we partner with local and small businesses and farmers too!  There are so many reasons to buy local and small.  We aren't just a farm or a small business - we truly are your neighbors.

why Heritage Turkey?

For the TASTE!  A free range heritage turkey is delish! Heritage turkeys are not as big as the broad breasted varieties (e.g. the classic butterball from the supermarket) as they haven’t been bred to pack on the pounds as fast as can be. This is slow food folks. The meat is darker so for those who prefer the dark meat on a bird you are in luck!  And because heritage turkeys are able to mate naturally (as opposed to the broad breasted varieties that require AI to reproduce), all turkeys for the table you get from the Big Ash Farm and born and raised right here!



i’m so in! HOW do i place an order?

1.  Secure your reservation for a fall heritage turkey with a $25 (non-refundable) deposit:

  • WHEN: As soon as possible - supply is limited and reservations fill up quickly!

  • WHAT: Let us know how many you’d like and any size preference (note: while we can’t guarantee we will have your preferred size, we will do our best to provide a bird in the ballpark)

2. Pick up your turkey and pay remaining balance:

  • WHEN: At pick-up (November 26 or 27th, 2019 - by appointment)

  • WHAT: Provide payment of your remaining balance (total price, less $25 deposit) to Big Ash Farm. A final weight of the bird will provided on November 24, 2019.

  • HOW: We accept the following payment methods -

    • Paypal: paypal.me/bigashfarm (bigashfarmboulder@gmail.com)

    • Cash App: $bigashfarm

    • Venmo: @bigashfarm

    • Cash (give us a shout and we'll coordinate a date/time to meet up!)

    • Check (please make payable to Big Ash Farm)

prices and key dates for 2019

  • 2019 Prices

    • $1.99/pound

  • 2019 Timeline

    • Final payment and pick-up on:

      • November 26 and 27th, 2019, by appointment