Ordering Lamb


Ordering Lamb


Ordering Icelandic Lamb For The Table  


Why purchase lamb from us?

1.  When you buy lamb from Big Ash Farm you know your meat was raised with love, care and concern from the moment it arrived on this earth to the moment it departs.  We feel strongly that it's our responsibility to give the animals we consume nothing but the best. This means individual attention every day, healthy food to eat, cool clear water to drink, safety from predators, comfortable shelter from the elements and room to roam/play all day, every day!  

2.  Our sheep are raised in our pasture their entire lives, supplemented with hay when needed (from the neighboring fields).  Alfalfa is their treat along with veg' from Big Ash Farm's garden! 

3.  There is little to no waste - nearly everything is put to good use!  If you do not want the bones for stock (YUM!) or the organs such as the liver, etc (dehydrated liver, etc are a big treat for dogs) we will put them to good use for you!  Sheepskins provide comfort and skulls/horns are used for home decorating by those who fancy that style.   

4.  You're buying local and from a small farm.  And we partner with local and small businesses and farmers too!  There are so many reasons to buy local and small.  We aren't just a farm or a small business - we truly are your neighbors.

why icelandic lamb?

For the TASTE!  Icelandic (as in the breed) lamb is considered a gourmet variety of lamb as it is finer grained and much more mild than other common meat breeds.  It's not uncommon for someone who has not liked lamb in the past to change their mind after trying Icelandic lamb!

You also support a wonderful breed of sheep when enjoying Icelandic lamb on your table!  Icelandic sheep are a primitive breed which are wonderful providers of not only tasty meat but wool and milk as well!  



i’m so in! HOW do i place an order?

1.  Secure your reservation with a $50 deposit:

  • WHEN: As soon as possible - supply is limited and reservations fill up quickly!

  • WHAT: Let us know the following bits of info:

    • your desired order (1. whole or half and 2. how many)

    • your preferred processor and processing date

      • We like Arapahoe Meats which is just down the road from the farm and have appointments already booked for 10/17/2019, 10/29/2019 and 11/07/2019. 

      • If you prefer an alternate processor just let us know when your appointment is (it must be within the October/ early November time frame) and with whom and we will be happy to deliver for a small charge (within a reasonable distance).

2. Provide payment to Big Ash Farm:

  • WHEN: We will let you know the final weight, price (less your $50 deposit) and tag number for your lamb no later than a week prior to your processing day.

  • WHAT: Provide payment of your remaining balance (price, less $50 deposit) to Big Ash Farm. Delivery to the processor will be made after payment for the lamb is made in full.

  • HOW: We accept the following payment methods -

    • Paypal: paypal.me/bigashfarm (bigashfarmboulder@gmail.com)

    • Cash App: $bigashfarm

    • Venmo: @bigashfarm

    • Cash (give us a shout and we'll coordinate a date/time to meet up!)

    • Check (please make payable to Big Ash Farm)

3.  Let your processor know how you’d like your meat prepared and packaged!

  • WHEN: following delivery of your lamb the processor will reach out to discuss how you’d like your lamb prepared!

  • WHAT: There's a standard/default approach you can always default to but you have the option of getting more creative with a custom processor!  For example you can specify how thick you want your chops cut, how many steaks per package you prefer,  if you like some meat made into sausage,  etc.

  • HOW: Chat with your with your processor! They are here to help and can provide great suggestions!

4.  Pick up your meat and provide payment to the processor:

  • WHEN: on the date provided by your processor

  • WHAT: When you pick your meat, you will pay the processing fee to the processor directly.  As of 8/15/19 the standard processing fee is $80 for a whole lamb at Arapahoe Meats which includes grinding and wrapping, etc.  Your meat will be frozen and in bundles of wrapped packages ready for you to transport to your freezer!   Half orders will be charged half of the processing fee.


what to expect

Tasty goodness!  Seriously.  You're going to love it!  We’ve had non-lamb lovers change their minds after enjoying our Icelandic lamb. It’s that good.

The weight of the meat you pick up from the processor will be less than the weight on which payment was based because it will not include the trimmings that typically aren’t consumed (but some of which can be set aside for alternate uses). Unless you request those to be returned to you, we will collect them and ensure they are used and do not go to waste (e.g. tanning the skeepskin, cleaning the skull for use as a decorative piece, etc)  

Arapahoe Meats has a great page on this with a guide on how much meat you can expect to receive HERE



prices and key dates for 2019

  • 2019 Prices

    • $2.99/pound live weight (post shearing).

    • Buyer responsible for processing costs.

  • 2019 Timeline

    • Group #1:

      • October 10, 2019: Final weights and your specific processing date will be sent to you by no later than this date

      • October 16, 2019: payment to Big Ash Farm due

      • October 17, 2019: delivery to processor

    • Group #2

      • October 22, 2019: Final weights and your specific processing date will be sent to you by no later than this date

      • October 28, 2019: payment to Big Ash Farm due

      • October 29, 2019: delivery to processor

    • Group #3

  • October 31, 2019: Final weights and your specific processing date will be sent to you by no later than this date

  • November 6, 2019: payment to Big Ash Farm due

  • November 7, 2019: delivery to processor