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Treating The Chickens....

Treating The Chickens....

Just like us humans, chickens need a little something yummy here and there as a treat!  Can you imagine life without a bit of chocolate or whatever your guilty pleasure may be?  (for me personally it's Sour Patch Kids.  YUM-O!) 

In the winter, this can take the form of heads of cabbage, hung from the roof of the chicken run - a great opportunity to play with one's food!  Watching the chickens move their heads back and forth with the rhythm of the cabbage as it swings back and forth can be a riot.  I always put one head of cabbage higher than the other to add variety, too - it's hilarious to watch chickens jump a bit to get their treats (and good exercise for them!)

The turkeys aren't as into cabbage as the chickens and they ADORE melons so I looked for a watermelon to treat them to, instead.  Holy Smokes!  $10 for a half of a small watermelon!  On second thought......  hehehe....  Not surprising given it's winter I know but I didn't think it would be that bad.  So, they were treated to a heavy dose of dried mealworms and a little scratch mixed in instead - all of which they devoured.  [the cantaloupe and honeydew available were rock hard]

Happy chickens.  Happy turkeys.  Happy me!