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The End

RIP Ms. Underfoot!

Underfoot as a baby chick!

Ode to Underfoot


Our dear Underfoot

Corny, zipping to and fro'

We will miss you much!


Popping inside the chicken coop this morning to check in on the ladies my eyes immediately caught sight of something black, laying under the roost.  It was Underfoot, legs curled up under her with her head laying down to the side, eyes closed, her body cool.

My favorite chicken of the flock!  Doh!

She got her name because she was just that - underfoot all the time. She loved weaving in and out of your legs as you walked, bolting across the farm with her little legs when she saw you to say hi and check things out.  She was a Polish so her bouffant  hairdo got in the way of seeing things sometimes.  OK, most of the time.

I'll miss you Underfoot!