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Selfie Time!

Selfie Time!

A few extra minutes in the morning is a rarity 'round these parts so when I found myself with about 25 extra this morning (GASP) I seized the opportunity to hang out with my sheep peeps! 

Murray and Maggie were the first to greet me - surprise, surprise.  After playing on the pile of hay bales I sat down to give them some rub downs.

I think this may be the second selfie I've ever taken - not too shabby I'd say! 

Guss was noticeably attentive to my interactions with the sheep this morning, at one point coming withing a couple feet and bending down to get a better look at what we were doing.

While still timid, Mamacita is definitely warming up to me - letting me touch her nose briefly this morning, all under the watchful eye of Guss.

I think this is a beautiful photo of the two, glowing in the morning sun.

Kato was basking in the orange glow of the sunrise as well this morning!  After the subzero temps we've been having lately I think this change in weather is very welcome by this ol' chap - those old joints can't feel great even with the regular dosage of anti-inflammatories. 

Perhaps he was still somewhat sleep this morning.  Or maybe he thought I was bringing him his favorite treats, Fig Newtons.  Or perhaps he was enjoying our one-sided conversation as I sat next to him on a big stump.  Whatever the reason, he stayed put until it was time for me to head to the office and let me get much closer with the camera than usual.  Thanks Kato :)  Made my morning!

Playing With Zippers!

Playing With Zippers!




While squatting to give Murray and Maggie their evening rub downs yesterday, Murray started nibbling at my jacket zipper.  In no time, moving his head up and down with zipper in mouth, he was repeatedly zipping and unzipping my jacket!  Up and down, up and down... When the zipper went too low and he couldn't bring it back up on his own,  he pawed at me as if to ask to help make it work again, which of course I did.  After which he continued to zip and unzip my jacket!  Up and down, up and down!

At the same time, Maggie had taken my front pocket zipper in her mouth and went about zipping and unzipping the pocket!


It was hilarious!


I managed to get a bit of it on video.  Hope you get a kick out if it as much as i did!  ;)