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Hello World.... We're Big Ash Farm!

Hello World.... We're Big Ash Farm!

Well, it is now official - we are Big Ash Farm and we have a web presence - a fancy new website at our own domain!  Gosh!   We hope you enjoy our new corner of rural cyberspace and find it entertaining, perhaps a bit inspirational and possibly a tad educational! 

You can get to know us a little better on our About page.  As products become available we will update our Products page to reflect inventory.   You can meet current and new flock members (think spring lambs!!!!) on Our Animals page.  And for the latest llama drama and animal antics check out our Farm Journal

As we discover delish' dishes we will share them with you on our Recipes page.  And knowing me, there will always be a steady stream of pics posted to our Gallery which is hooked up to our Instagram account - big_ash_farm

Our website will be a great way to get to know us and stay updated on what's new here at Big Ash Farms.  That said, we would LOVE to hear from you directly on what you think, any questions you might have and/or special requests!  Don't be shy commenting on Farm Journal posts - a website is so much more fun when it's interactive.  And you can reach us at as well!!  

One last plug.  Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter!  Ya never know what kind of goodies we might include in it :)  We are committed to the privacy of your data and will not share it.  It's for us to stay in touch and keep you informed.  Period.

This is gonna be fun folks!

-  Noelle